ECOTEK CANADA(*) is the Authorized Distributer of SANTAK UPS Products in Vietnam. UPS Systems are typically used to protect hardware such as computer or other electrical equipment where an unexpected power disruption could cause injuries, fatalities, serious business disruption or data loss.

ECOTEK CANADA has partnered with Stream Company Limited, a Vietnamese company doing business in Vietnam, to have Stream provide distribution channels and warranty services for all the products distributed by ECOTEK CANADA into Vietnam.

Thanks to the cooperation between ECOTEK CANADAStream Company Limited, and its twenty Local Strategic Project Partners and Regional Distributors, SANTAK UPS has won many awards which recognizes product excellence as judged by the IT community and UPS-Users in Vietnam.

ECOTEK CANADA’s SANTAK UPS products have been reviewed positively and are widely used at most Government offices and organizations, not just in the central area, but also in 64 provinces and cities, 700 districts and almost 3000 wards around Vietnam.

In order to better serve its customers, ECOTEK CANADA has cooperated with Stream Company Limited to establish 64 Active Service Points (A.S.P) covering all 64 provinces and cities of Vietnam.

Mr. Chau Nguyen (Steven), one of the directors of company, has been appointed as Regional Manager for ECOTEK CANADA, and tasked with completing the legal formalities required by both Canada and Vietnam for the operation of the representative office in Ho Chi Minh city.

(*)Ecotek Canada Canada Promotion Trade Corporation a company incorporated under the law of the Province of British Columbia and members of Kitsilano Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam.



Ecotek Canada Promotion Trade Corporation
Ecotek Canada 合法執照
Ecotek Canada企業營業執照 1/20
Ecotek Canada 駐胡志明市辦公室的企業營業執照(翻譯本) 2/20
Ecotek Canada 駐胡志明市辦公室的企業營業執照(翻譯本) 3/20
Eaton出產商授權書原稿 4/20
Eaton出產商授權書原稿 5/20
Eaton出產商授權書原稿 6/20
Eaton出產商授權書原稿 7/20
Eaton出產商授權書原稿 (翻譯本) 8/20
Eaton出產商授權書原稿 (翻譯本) 9/20
Eaton出產商授權書原稿 (翻譯本) 10/20
Manufacture Confirmation Letter 11/20
Manufacture Confirmation Letter - Vietnamese 1/2 12/20
Manufacture Confirmation Letter - Vietnamese 2/2 13/20
Greater Vancouver Board of Trade, Canada 2022-2023營銷部成員確認 14/20
MARSH Certificate of Insurance 15/20
Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate 16/20
ISO 14001:2015 17/20
ISO 9001:2015 18/20
Consular Authentication 19/20
Notarization of Canada 20/20


27 成立和發展
64 服務點
210 人員
536.000 客戶

Officially authorized and directly supported by ECOTEK CANADA, Nguyen Ha Company commits to guarantee the warranty of SANTAK products of SANTAK UPS and ECOTEK CANADA BATTERY products. View more


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